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DOUBLE Research and Deveropment Co.,LTD FA
ダブル技研株式会社 FA事業部


We at DOUBLE R&D don’t just pursue our own profit, our motto is “to develop and prosper with our customer and to exist as a “company” that benefits our customers”.

Since our establishment, we have been consistently involved in the proposal and development up to manufacturing and sales of automation, labor saving and mass production equipment in the semiconductor, automotive, electric and precision machine industries.

Based on these achievements in the FA industry, we provide experiments and demonstration equipment to universities and research institutes as well as joint research and development and propose, develop, manufacture and sell new products and systems in the welfare industry.

In FA it keeps the「Concept of Manufacturing」while in Universities and Research Institutions「Basic Theory and Technology」, and at DOUBLE R&D , 「smart and inspirational sense」by「fusion」, it is possible to innovate one kind of product and create service development.

This「fusion」technology is our greatest features.

Proposal and design that is common on our business condition can be manufactured and assembled in-house, and not all will depend on an outsourcing company, as we are capable to process machining, mechanical assembly and electric equipment within in our own facility, using our technology and know-how. Unsatisfied with the current situation, riding the wave of high technology and the age of information technology, we as an employee are aim in improving our skills and knowledge, polishing our expertise, making equipment, system and services that our client wants and working together, and by the same time to continue providing good product and information

Hiroshi Wada
DOUBLE R&D Co., Ltd.
Representative Director

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