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Proposal for new transport system

● It can be rented in an event and operate for a limited time.
● Trial installation is also possible.

Can it be used in another location? We look forward to your suggestions and questions!

Listed on the first page of the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper

DOUBLE R&D that develops robot hand, has proposed a new transport system
inside the factory “Flying in the sky”

 Sagamihara: DOUBLE R&D (Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President Hiroshi Wada, Tel: 046-206-5611) Wire suspension type of Robot hand system「Flying Carry System = Photo」was developed. The four-wire cables stretched in the air can be stretched or loosened to make them move as if flying in the air. I can support and handle the stadium class (sports stadium) size and heavy loads. Our company aims to expand in the fields of logistics, transportation system inside factories, agriculture, and nursing care. Robot hand is connected to the wire by four winches and pulleys are installed on four corners of an area. The winch wire position and winding can be adjusted in the desired position.
The robot hand can handle and hold firmly wide range of object shape and materials because of its unique technology. Our company considers a wide range of applications and「We want to build a suitable system in different fields and cooperation with companies」as what company President Wada wants. Since electricity can be supplied through wires, longer operation time is possible compared to flying robots (drone). Low noise and also can exceed the weight capacity. Space utilization efficiency is higher than that of an automatic guided vehicle (AGV). Automatic control is also possible. Company information is that wire suspension type equipment is used mainly in photography and widely use which has a higher safety standard. Our company has invested about 20 million yen for the development cost and prototype system of performance verification and demonstration size with 3.8 meters of height and 4 meters in length. On the robot hand side, it has 7 axis control features for position control and hand operation. Weight capacity is about 20 kilograms.
A prototype will be exhibited at the「Tokyo Robot Exhibition」which will be held in Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-Ku, Tokyo) this December 18, 2019
(December 17, 2019)

Flying Carry system schematic diagram

Flying Carry system application example


From NHK World video「GreatGear」
(taken on company booth at the 19th International Robot Exhibition)

Operation video of Flying carry system

Possible use at nursing care facility

Possible use of harvesting plant at agriculture site

Possible use of harvesting fruits inside green house

Possible use of handling work inside distribution warehouse

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